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Classic finish to the sailing season.

Saturday was the last official sailing day for SIBYC 2020-2021 season and thankfully the weather gods were kind. A week earlier it was looking like we could hold the race on the roundabout outside the Spar, but thankfully for all of us we didn’t suffer as badly as some communities’ further north and we wish them a speedy recovery.

With 20 boats registered to sail and 19 making it out onto the water, it was an 11am start in Jewfish Bay for the longest passage race in the SIBYC calendar. With our regular committee boat away on other duties, it was Kingston Lady with Shawn and Garry on starting duties for the first time, and they did an excellent job, in a light and variable WNW breeze and even managed to get all the flags up the right way and in the right order!

It would be a one tack work around the Kangaroo Point Cardinal mark and then down into some very light breeze in Swan Bay. Black Sheep showed their sports credentials by leading the way, but with some stiff competition from the fleet of Ross 780’s and the ever competitive Magnum of Todd Curry, Nirvana 7. The second half of the fleet was either the smaller boats or the more “relaxed” crews. Newcomers, Beagle (David and crew), having their first visit to the basin, put in a commendable effort in unfamiliar waters and were in good company amongst some much larger boats.

With the wind variable, but still with us and even starting to build a little, it would be the first of many Spinnaker legs, down into home bay (sadly no time to stop and call into the Cooee Pub), back out around Garden Island, then into “Ernies”. With the breeze still building a little and swinging a little to the west, it meant that the back boats could stay in touch with the leading pack.

Final mark was up into Erowal Bay off Wrights beach, then a long work back to the finish in Jewfish Bay. Black Sheep would take out line honours in just over 2 hours and 20 minutes elapsed, with the slowest (and smallest) boat Ruby, last to finish in a little over three hours. It would all be down to handicaps for the “official results” but the main aim for this event was to have fun, and we think everybody was a winner by that criteria.

As ever there would be no point in holding these events without the visiting boats so a big thank you to all Skippers and crew for making the journey to visit, but also thank you to all the club boats for a good showing at the end of a long season. Finally, a thank you to the event organisers and committee members for helping to run the event:

Louisa – Event Organiser.

Scotty – Social Media

Shawn and Gary on Kingston Lady for the Race management and photo’s

Greg and (son in law) Ben for Buoy Wrangling.

Southern Cross and crew for Buoy retreival.

The Team from Backchat (Steve, Jan, Mark, Graham and Rhonda) for the catering.

Fitz – Numbers

Results below for those interested and photo’s HERE


SIBYC 2021 Tropical shirt regatta

Results – 2021

Please find below the results. As we hope you appreciate, results posted on the days of the regatta are provisional only and subject to verification. We try to do this so we can issue prizes on Sunday and give everybody a chance to get away as early as possible. Unfortunately from time to some small errors do slip through. Below are the verified results but if anybody feels there has been an error please drop a line to

Race 1 CBH

Race 2 CBH

CBH Series Pointscore

Race 1 PHS Div 1

Race 2 PHS Div 1

PHS Div 1 Pointscore

Race 1 PHS Div 2

Race 2 PHS Div 2

PHS Div 2 Series Scores

Race 1 PHS Div 3

Race 2 PHS Div 3

PHS Div 3 Series Scores

Race 1 PHS Fleet

Race 2 PHS Fleet

PHS Fleet Series Pointscore


SIBYC Regatta 2021 Handicapping

Regatta Report

With 31 boats registered and 29 making it out on the water it was always going to be a busy weekend for SIBYC. With a nervous eye on the weather forecast, Friday was due to start of with a social sail or shakedown cruise at 10am Friday morning. With the wind blowing over 20 knots from the north and the majority yachts safely moored inside the river at Sussex, nearly everybody decided to opt for coffee over cruising and waited for the barefoot bowls to start in the afternoon.

Much thanks go to the RSL bowls boys for once again organizing a great curtain raiser for the weekend, and with much sanitizing of bowls, hands and the occasional application of internal alcohol sanitizer as well, most of the sailers bowled late into the afternoon, under blue skies and a strong sun. As on the water, the still strong north east breeze was often used as the excuse for the sometimes less than accurate bowling!

Saturday was the first race day. After an 11am briefing for both race management and COVID requirements, it would be a 1pm start for the ever-popular Regatta Basin Chase. The wind was still from the north, but was quite manageable at about 15knots, as Phil and Marco on the committee boat sat at one end of a long start line, whilst 29 boats jostled to start the first work. With only minimal advice being swapped and no major contact between competitors, the fleet would soon split between the north side of the course and the east. In a mixed fleet, the lighter sports style boats would be first to the top mark, with a good showing of Elliot 7’s and even a Shaw650, which appeared to be a more like multi-person sailboard than a yacht. This was followed by the larger trailer sailers and then the smaller boats all keeping in touch.

After the work, it was up with spinnakers for most skippers and some fast and fun reaching back towards Sussex. With the sports boys and girls leading the way, the wind began to soften, and it would be a long one tack work down to Basin View for the back half of the fleet. There was a good tussle up front between some Regatta 1st timers with the green rocket Monkey Business, Amici and Jock, all trying to get around 1st for line honours. The final spinnaker run to the finish saw the monkey boys home first, with the Elliots Amici and Jock close behind and Black Sheep just missing the podium. Further back, with the wind really starting to disappear and the back markers had to fight hard to keep moving, with a good battle between the Castle 650s Enchanter and Son of Coco, and HooRoo trying to keep the smallest boat in the fleet, Ruby, behind them.

Sunday was race 2, with an 11am start for the outside “triangle” course. The wind had swung around to the south but was quite light and variable for the start. With the 5 minute prep flag flying, it was looking like a port start may be the best option, but a wind shift with a minute to go saw most of the fleet opt for the more traditional starboard option. Consequently a few boats had the chance to make new friends by trying to find gaps in a wall of starboard boats and some vocal encouragement could be heard across the water and possibly ashore back in Sussex. Some of the boats making new friends would include local team Southern Cross, Sussex Inlet RSL and visiting boat, Hass Been Counter. In the spirit of the regatta all “incidents” were settled amicably back at race HQ after the race, with the suitable exchange of beverages.

Once again, the sports boats would lead the way around the course, with the wing mark legs really allowing the benefit of an asymmetric spinnaker. For the first hour and a bit the wind remained light and variable, but then the southerly really kicked in, and the back half of the fleet had the benefit of some good breeze and good boat speed, allowing them to close in on the times of the first finishers.

Once again, the Regatta would not happen without our regatta organizer and wonder women (you had to have seen the crew t-shirts to understand that), Lynne Arnold, assisted by the army of volunteers:

Backchat Crew – Catering

Phil “The wind whisperer” Queripel – Committee boat.

Greg Arnold – Course management

Louisa Fitzgerald – Purser

Shawn Macey – Photographer, spectator vessel, radio relay, safety boat……

Scotty Williams – Social Media

Fitz – Handicapper and Commodore

Sussex Inlet RSL – (Especially – Anita our wonderful bar person) for keeping us all well hydrated after the race.

Plus anybody we have forgotten, you have the warm glow of knowing you helped make this such a great weekend!

Looking forward to welcoming you all back next year for the 32nd Regatta!

SIBYC Retro Regatta 2020

“Best Regatta Ever” – Hayden Sellers (Winner of far too many prizes).

All of us at SIBYC would like to thank all of the skippers and crew who helped make this (in the words of Mr Sellers) the best Regatta ever. Three days of sailing and socialising and hopefully a good time was had by all (even those who went for a dip).

Once again a big thank you to the following for making it happen:

Lynne Arnold – Skipper

The Crew of Backchat – Galley slaves

Shawn Macey – Photo’s and aquatic NRMA

Louisa – Purser

Phil Queripel (assisted by Billy and Cliffy) – Boat and Buoy Wrangler

The two Gregs – Course set up and coarse language.

Fitz – number cruncher.

The rest of the club, RSL staff and the RSL Bowlo boys!



Please find below the results. As we hope you appreciate, results posted on the days of the regatta are provisional only and subject to verification. We try to do this so we can issue prizes on Sunday and give everybody a chance to get away as early as possible. Unfortunately from time to some small errors do slip through. Below are the verified results but if anybody feels there has been an error please drop a line to

Regatta 2020 CBH Race 1

Regatta 2020 CBH Race 2

Regatta 2020 CBH Series

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 1 Race 1

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 1 Race 2

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 1 Series Scores

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 2 Race 1

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 2 Race 2

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 2 Series Scores

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 3 Race 1

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 3 Race 2

Regatta 2020 PHS Division 3 Series Scores


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