Racing Info

Vistors or casual race entrants (and those doing nine random races in the season), please contact the handicapper via email: for your handicap or start times. For those boats without an existing or previous PBH handicap, CBH handicap will apply.

Please note that for season 2021-22 handicaps are calculated after each race for the following race irrespective of series. If you would like a review of your handicap, please contact the handicapper at the email above.

Please note that visitors may sail up to 6 races as a guest using the Australian Sailpass system. Each member of the crew must complete a sailpass for each race. Register for each race below:


Season Results 2020-21

Commodores Cup: Division 2 Weekend Champion – Salty Tiger.

Outside Course PHS Series: 1st Southern Cross, 2nd Backchat.

Inside Course PHS Series: 1st Southern Cross, 2nd Backchat.

Basin Chase PHS Series: 1st HooRoo, 2nd Gone Too Farr.

Americans Cup CBH Weekend Champion: 1st Gone Too Farr, 2nd Backchat.

Weekend PHS Champion: 1st Southern Cross, 2nd Backchat.