Basin Classic 2024

SIBYC Basin Classic 2024

Saturday 23rd March 2024

This is a FREE, informal race/cruise in company all around St Georges Basin. There will be no formal sailing instructions issued. Below are a few hints and suggestions to help you enjoy the day. Use these along with the course map available to download from the website.

  1. Most important bit of information – HAVE FUN! We are not racing for sheep stations and some boats may not be racing at all.
  2. There will be no formal briefing, however members of the committee will be available to answer any question you may have at the “Fisho’s Shed” behind the RSL Bowling green (Usual Regatta HQ) from around 8.30am-9.30am on race day. Entry forms will also be available.
  3. Race start is 11am on the water in the vicinity of Jewfish Bay. Race information will be issued by VHF Ch72. The Start boat MAY also use flags and/or an air horn to indicate the start sequence. The start sequence will be the usual 5/4/1/Start as per Rule 26 RRS.
  4. Marks of the course will be cylindrical orange buoys and cardinal navigation marks.
  5. We recommend the use of a good timing device, just in case no committee boat is on duty at the finish mark, to take your own finish time. If no boat on duty at the finish mark, please finish with the finish buoy to port, within three boat lengths.
  6. Post race food and festivities back at the RSL Fisho’s Shed and for those with stamina on to the RSL club in the evening.
  7. See point 1.

Enjoy the Day!