Race 2 Hybrid Series wraps up 2023

With a blustery westerly wind blowing from 2 to 20 knots and a southerly change forecast for during the race, 4 boats ventured out for Race 2 of the hybrid series, Handicap start, “Red Bull course”. HooRoo (Andy and Louisa) away first at 12.00pm sharp, after losing a batten from the main, and proving that they don’t float, it was a rough and ready work from the Nor-east end of the Basin, back towards Jewfish Bay. Next away was Salty Tiger (Captain Cox, 1st mate Darren and guest crew David), then Gone Too Farr (Greg and Ronda). Southern Cross (Greg and the Dragon) should have been last away, but having been bounced around and nearly blown flat, they decided it would be safer and more fun(?) to stay as spectators for the rest of the race.

After a hard, but at sometimes frustrating work to the top mark, it was a very square run back across the Basin. Not surprisingly the only kite to go up was on Gone Too Farr, which helped them close the gap on Salty Tiger. HooRoo first back to the start/finish for Round 1, then a short work to the gate, and then Round 2 for the next work. At this point, the westerly was gusting from time to time at around 20 knots, but this was the “storm before the calm” and with Gone Too Farr just about to catch HooRoo, the Southerly Change arrived.

This was no Southerly buster, more of Cool Change with an identity crisis. South, South East, Nor-East 2 to 8 knots. In the confusion’ getting around what used to be the Top mark, HooRoo just limped into some sort of consistent breeze, leaving Gone Too Farr for a few minutes of flapping sails and quiet contemplation (or possible an amical exchange of views as to which direction they should point the boat in.

What was a run was know a work (what fun), and with HooRoo being taken off towards Macleans point by a 30 degree wind shift, Gone Too Farr seemed to be in a different wind and single tacked back to reach the bottom(?) mark, in first place. Meanwhile Salty Tiger was completing there own version of the race, which seemed to be very different to everybody else, and to paraphrase Eric Morecombe, they rounded all of the Marks, just not necessarily in the right order.

Gone Too Farr, now leading the race, had nobody to follow, and decided they should add an extra short leg into their course, allowing HooRoo to regain the lead, and Salty Tiger to get close enough to follow somebody for the remainder of the race.

Gone Too Farr, did their best to make up for there slight navigational faux-par, but HooRoo held on to finish about 30 seconds ahead, with Salty Tiger rounding out the podium about the same time behind Gone Too Farr in second.

All boats safely returned and the crews were joined backed at the Swordfish Brewery, by other members of the club, for a race debrief and some well earned pre-Christmas refreshments.

First race in the New Year, Basin Chase Scratch Start, January 6th.

Merry Christmas one and All.

Andy and Louisa