Season 20-21 Report and results

Saturday 1st of May saw sailors and families from SIBYC gather at Pelican Shores Café, South Sussex for a social get together and swap “Tales tall or true” after another great year of sailing on St Georges Basin.

After feasting on seafood entrees and delicious main courses prepared and served by the friendly staff at the Pelican, it was time to move outside into the beautiful May sunshine and get on with the “serious” business of handing out the spoils of war from the previous seasons races.

1st honorable mention of the day went to Mr. G Tait, from Equinox for giving much of the fleet an opportunity to practice their Man Over Board drill, and he was grateful to receive the bright orange industrial sized life ring to commemorate the occasion.

2nd honorable mention of the day was to Phil Queripel our Committee boat and wind whisperer. Without his able assistance and organisation it would be very hard for us to have so many enjoyable days on the water and his support is very much appreciated.

A quick explanation for any non or novice sailors about our handicaps, as we have been asked a few times. The club operates two handicap systems, both of which apply a “time correction factor” by correcting a boats’ finishing time either after the race, or by applying a handicap (staggered) start at the beginning of the race. The 2 handicaps are CBH – Class Based Handicap. This is a fixed handicap that is applied to each “class of boat” and is allocated by the national handicap committee of Australian Sailing (the sports governing body). The other handicap is PHS – Performance Handicap System. This is a variable handicap that is adjusted after each race depending on the “performance” or place of each boat compared with the other boats in the race or series.

First “cab off the rank” in the prize giving would be the inaugural winner of the newly made Commodores Cup and winner of Division 2 (Cruising Division) Salty Tiger (Greg Cox, Darren and visiting crew)

The rest of the seasons’ racing results would be mainly dominated by a two-way tussle between Southern Cross (Greg and Lynne) and the crew of Backchat (Steve, Jan, Mark, Jackie, Daniel and various visiting support). Sadly, for Backchat they had to settle for the “Toilet Roll Trophy” for the most number 2’s in a season and would finish in the runner up spot to Southern Cross in both the Outside Course and Inside Course Series. For the Basin Chase, HooRoo (Andy and Louisa) just managed to hold off Gone Too Farr (Greg and Ronda).

The CBH Championship was won again this year, by Gone Too Farr with guess who in second place (clue – Starts with a B and ends in chat).

This just left the overall weekend PHS club champion to be announce. The weekend championship is contested over all three PHS series of races with the best of 5 races in each series to count towards the total. In the end it could not have been any closer, with Southern Cross and Backchat finishing on equal points at the end of the season. Sadly, Backchat not having any clear race wins this season would yet again have to play bridesmaid to the triumphant Southern Cross.

We now look forward to next season when battle will commence again. For anybody interested in getting involved in the club or looking to try sailing, please drop us a line at Our racing is never that serious so don’t be put off by that. And as mentioned above we have a Division 2 “Cruising” race series for the more relaxed sailor. We also run a few social sails throughout the year and are always willing to help if you need a hand getting your boat back on the water.

Results summary below and full race results and series results on the web and social media soon.

Stay safe and hope to see you on the water next year.

Andy and Louisa


2020 -2021 Results.

Commodores Cup: Division 2 Weekend Champion – Salty Tiger.

Outside Course PHS Series: 1st Southern Cross, 2nd Backchat.

Inside Course PHS Series: 1st Southern Cross, 2nd Backchat.

Basin Chase PHS Series: 1st HooRoo, 2nd Gone Too Farr.

Americans Cup CBH Weekend Champion: 1st Gone Too Farr, 2nd Backchat.

Weekend PHS Champion: 1st Southern Cross, 2nd Backchat.